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Many have queried if SEO is dead but it’s changed so rapidly and drastically in recent years that is has become less of a marketing ploy and more like a branding play. Many companies are renewing their faith in organic search engine optimization, committing to investing and developing SEO optimized web structures. Search Engine Optimization […]

5 Simple Steps to Starting an Online Business
July 12, 2017

What’s Your Business? Today, many people are deciding to work for themselves or start their own business (who can blame them right?). From candle creators, popcorn lovers to bow makers, and pet photographers; peoples’ hobbies are quickly turning into small enterprises. Even though many people are successful in starting their business, they are often not […]

Augusta Roofing Pros
September 23, 2016

Augusta Roofing Pros needed leads for new customers in their area. We built them a great single landing page design site meant for lead generation. We also created a PPC campaign for AGR to grow leads.

Lawyer Website Redesign
June 28, 2016

A few months ago the people at Nicholson Law Firm needed help in reinventing their lawyer website and online presence. With a recent change in their branding , they need help giving the company a new look. This is where we came in. Putting together a new look Nicholson Law Firm is a great law […]

5 Reasons it’s great to be a Web Designer
May 24, 2016

Thinking about being a web designer? Know a web designer who loves their job? (duh). Below are the reasons I believe this to be one of the best jobs in the world. Read this blog, it may just convince you to join an amazing career. ^ That’s my “office” 1) It’s Insanely Rewarding I tell […]

WordPress Website Redesign
December 11, 2015

Heating things up for Pathfinder Plumbing Philip and Karen own a successful plumbing company in Brisbane, Australia. They’ve been in business many years, but have been expanding into new services such as heat pump sales and installation. They came to us at Major Web Productions looking for a responsive wordpress website redesign for one of […]

New Web Design Project for Woodstock Piano Lessons
September 15, 2015

The Keys to Success Mr. Ralph Iossa, a superb award-winning pianist, relocated from New Jersey to the beautiful city of Woodstock just recently. In NJ he had a very large following of successful piano lesson students, but being a new teacher here, he (kinda) had to start all over. Mr. Iossa wasn’t quite sure how […]

Setting Up Your Google Analytics Account
August 11, 2015

Track the data you want Earlier in our blogs we introduced and briefly glanced over the data tracking giant Google Analytics. But now we want to show you a few steps on HOW to set up your OWN account, (for those ambitious tech savvy clients of ours and everywhere else in the world). First things […]

Print Design for Freedom Snacks Popcorn
July 31, 2015

Creating a Catalog One of our favorite clients, Freedom Snacks, has been selling delicious gourmet popcorn out of Seattle Washington for over 6 years. They offer over 70 different flavors and combinations including candied, savory, mix in, and seasonal popcorn. After we redesigned and restructured their website, Veronica the owner decided that they should better […]

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