5 Reasons Adding a Chatbot to Your Website will Increase Your Lead Quality

May 30, 2018

5 Reasons Adding a Chatbot to Your Website will Increase Your Lead Quality

AI marketing is continuing to be on the rise as more and more people are getting comfortable chatting with AI. In our daily lives we are at least interacting with AIto some extent. From Siri to Alexa, it’s clear that AI has it’s uses for daily life, but also in marketing.

For decades, marketing has been taken a direct approach, but also reactive as well. Advertisements have traditionally been focusing on instilling emotions that make us impulse buy. This still works, however with AI marketing, it could be a lot better. The main reason being that AI advertisement could boost the quality of your leads. Here is how it can do that.

Personalized Promotions

The end product that an AI advertisement would deliver is a personalized promotion. So far companies have been using these and have been getting sales from them as well. This is in part to the chatbot creating a personalized advertisement based on the persons name as well as information that was given through the customer service interaction. It’s able to do this because the chatbot is actively listening to the user who’s chatting.

This enhances the quality since the customer wouldn’t be qualified if they didn’t engage at all with the chatbot.

Proactive Customer Interaction

Going back to what we said above about marketing, AI marketing is geared towards conversations. Many people are open to chatting and it’s not out of the ordinary to chat with robots these days.

With marketing in particular, AI marketing prompts the chatbots to reach out to customers. You’ve seen a few sites before where a message pops up in the lower right corner and starts chatting with you. This prompts us to start chatting, much like that jolt of excitement we get from getting social media notifications.

This improves the quality of the lead as the AI gets to learn about the user when they start chatting.

Gathering Site Feedback

With a chatbot users are speaking with you fluidly, and willingly giving information. A traditional static form usually asks for around 3-4 different fields: Name, Email, Telephone, and Interest. These chatbots will prompt your visitor with their intention first asking “What do you want” and then allowing the user to speak and respond how they feel. The bot will eventually guide them at the right time and then ask them “Whats your name”, “What’s is your email so we can contact you”, “What is the best number to reach you at”. The answers are giving willingly along with extra information a static form field wouldn’t know to ask. “How are you doing today?” “What’s something you like best about our product” , “How is our customer service treating you?”, these questions can be answered through out the chat as well, multiplying the data received from just one visitor.

With the help of AI marketing, a chatbot can help in figuring out what people think about what you selling, but also the quality of the site pages too. You can learn through AI what is performing well and what isn’t. From there you can better optimize your site so when people land on it, they have a good experience plus they may sign up as a quality lead for you.

Fostering The Leads

Thanks in part to the feedback, you can also create quality messaging that can guide people towards a final sale. Because the AI is taking a more conversational approach it makes the sales transition a little bit easier. That being said, when you use chatbots for this specifically, you want to make sure that you test the messaging first. The last thing that you want is a potential customer getting annoyed with the messaging.

Still when done right this can improve the quality of the lead as the sale wouldn’t be pushed on if the user wasn’t into your site or had no interest in buying at all.

Constant Messenger Presence

The last thing that a chatbot on your site can do to improve quality of leads is the fact that it can be run 24/7. Because of this, companies have been able to retain customers far better than before. In fact, it’s reported that after a month of implementing AI advertisements, the rate of customer retention doubled compared to others without AI advertisements!

This is massive and the fact that a chatbot can stick around all day and night ensures you not only save money, but you could make more from retaining those customers.

We’ve partnered with Smart Convos, Inc. in developing chat bots for our clients (like the one you see on our site). It’s been a great tool for sales and marketing for us and would highly recommend using them if you want one for Your business as well.

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