Mobile Design

The number of Mobile internet users are growing everyday. With more people accessing the Internet from their phones and tablets, websites that aren’t optimized to be responsive are being less visited and losing business. Its grown over 400% since 2010! Mobile Design is a booming trend in web design at the moment.

When we first start to design any website, we use a “mobile-first” strategy. Meaning the site is first designed to fit for mobile, and then the rest comes after (aka Tablet, and Widescreen desktop). This is a very efficient skill that most top web design companies are currently using when developing new sites.

Dont believe us? Drag and Resize your Browser now and see Our’ sites mobile and tablet versions.

Mobile responsiveness is always important!

In this part of the process, we implement code to allow your sites layout to adjust to different screen sizes. Such as a Widesreen at 1920 pixels wide , adjusting down to a Cell Phone size screen at 320 pixels wide.

Using Bootstrap tools, we can build the scaffolding within the site so it looks great on all monitors, tablets, and phones. Having a great mobile design and tablet design helps people navigate your site without having to zoom in and out.

Mobile Design Graph

Here are some of the things we can do.


  • Smart Phones
  • iPhones
  • Tablets
  • Windows
  • MAC


  • Social Sharing
  • Easy-to use mobile shopping carts

What we work with everyday


  • Bootstrap

Check out some examples of Responsive Tablet and Mobile Design we’ve done.

We’ve worked on all different types of web design projects over the years, and are always ready to take on more!


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