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We’ve been doing this a long time, and we like to believe we have the web design process down to a T.

Our expertise, knowledge, and unique process has been proven to build success for our clients who’ve seen great results.

How does it work? It’s simple

(1) We meet with you.client-icon

Shortly after you get in touch with us via email / quote/ phone, we’ll schedule a face to face meeting (if you want) or some sort of initial consultation to see what your goals are. You tell us what your project is about, what you’re looking to achieve, your timeline and budget. We can give you some feedback, ideas and go from there.

(2) We Create an Outline and Estimate

After we speak to you and have covered mostly all of the requirements of the project, we outline it. This outline covers what’s included in the entire process. We break down the process into phases or milestones of accomplishment to show you how we will deliver our work. Most of the time there are 3 phases: Design, Programming, and Testing/Marketing.


(3) Follow the Outline

As we complete the phases of the outline, we will show you our work and ask for your feedback. After taking your feedback, we make adjustments accordingly and move on to the next phase. Each phase has its set goals, estimate of hours and payment. A partial payment per phase is made until the project is finished.

(4) Build Success

After your website is fully tested and ready to go , we launch it into the wondrous worldwide web. At this time you can choose to further improve your site with additional services such as SEO, Email marketing, Social Marketing and data analytics.