5 Reasons the SEO on Your Business Website is important

October 16, 2017

Many have queried if SEO is dead but it’s changed so rapidly and drastically in recent years that is has become less of a marketing ploy and more like a branding play. Many companies are renewing their faith in organic search engine optimization, committing to investing and developing SEO optimized web structures. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implements standards and strategies with your websites design and content, this causes search engines to direct their clients to the page if they search for keywords relating to your business.
If you and your business are not sure about healthy SEO practices here are some reasons why you should consider SEO and Marketing in Atlanta.

1. It works.
Perhaps the most important pro is that is SEO techniques till work. Even though data regarding traffic from Google was stopped recently, the techniques are still functional. If you focus on an optimal user experience whilst performing SEO strategies you will be rewarded the high positions and traffic.

2. It’s not going to go away
Based on the way search engines are developing tech it appears SEO’s won’t be out of use any time soon. Every audio or video search relies on keywords, much like the traditional text based content. SEO is changing the way search engines look at websites, business are relying more on social media indicators to improve their rankings. Not building a healthy content profile can be extremely damaging to a business as it’s one of the key factors looked at when search engines evaluate the relevance of your site.

3. Your competitors are using it
If you’re not using SEO the bad news are your competitors probably are. SEO will give the competition the ability to rise in the search engine ranks and visibility, meaning you’re likely to be sliding further and further beneath them. If your company is not always moving forward you will get left behind and over taken by the competitors. If your competitors are raising their Google page rank, they will feature ahead of you on Google and a will get all those hits . Implementing SEO for your business website gives you a chance to get clear analytical data and compare these against the online activity of your competitors.

4. It’s a cost effective marketing device

In comparison to the costs of other forms of online marketing such as email marketing programs and social media marking SEO can provide a cost effective marketing strategy. While SEO might not drive the most revenue or presence compared to its rivals or it might not be as popular as social media marketing it can lay a good solid yet organic foundation to forming a significant online presence. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, if your brand or company appears of the third of fourth page of a search engine the searcher will think of you as more of a new inexperienced business but ranking high in Google Search will significantly improve your chances of success.

5. Grab more market share

The way customers consume products and business is rapidly changing. It’s thought somewhere between 80% and 90% of customers check online reviews and websites prior to purchasing, this number will only rise. Most of the time people will search for proof of credibility, there are more and more dupe and scam websites intending to get customers to part with their money. People are more likely to trust a SEO website that appears on the top of a search engine page.

In conclusion, if your existing site needs improvements in the SEO field, WE CAN HELP!