New Web Design Project for Woodstock Piano Lessons

September 15, 2015

The Keys to Success

Mr. Ralph Iossa, a superb award-winning pianist, relocated from New Jersey to the beautiful city of Woodstock just recently. In NJ he had a very large following of successful piano lesson students, but being a new teacher here, he (kinda) had to start all over. Mr. Iossa wasn’t quite sure how get out there to find new students, so he met with us here at Major Web Productions.

We met with him, got to know him some more and even saw him play piano (hes amazing by the way). So we proposed the creation of a custom designed (and responsive) WordPress website for this particular web design project. We told Ralph about how awesome WordPress is and how valuable of a tool it will become for his business.

An Instrumental Web Design

Ralph was starting from scratch, so he needed to be more the “Ralph the Piano Lesson Guy in town”, we had to create a brand (or company even) around him. That’s when the idea of “Woodstock Piano Lessons” came about. He is a piano lessons teacher based in Woodstock, so we thought creating the brand around the city and the skill was a good approach for potential students in the market .

We created a new Logo and business care design to get started. Then, creating a great design for Ralph’s website became our goal soon after. The design needed to be welcoming, clear and easy to use. We came up with a few mock ups and ended up with the finished product (below).


Visitors can easily navigate the site, learn about Ralph’s skills and experience, and see an entire gallery of piano performances and recital videos from over the years. People can also see his past students and their testimonials on just how great he really is. Mr. Iossa is also a “mobile” teacher who will visit you in your own home, so we wanted to make sure we highlighted that. The web design of course was also built responsive and mobile-friendly to tablets and cell phones for site visitors on mobile devices.

Following Through

Shortly after the web design was completed and we were almost finished programming, we made sure to cover all of our SEO bases. Using Yoast, we made sure to identify all of our keywords, meta descriptions and SEO titles so people searching Google in the area would find our beautiful WPL site. We also added Woodstock Piano Lessons to several different online directories, created a Facebook page and setup Google analytics and webmasters accounts so we can track our visitor data.

Ralph is happy and now has a new growing business ( and already on the top of the second page of google). As a Web Design company in Marietta, we’re happy to see another happy customer.

Check back with us on more updates on this project.

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