New Website Redesign for Main Street Nail Studio

July 27, 2015

A New Look for an Established Company

Main Street Nail Studio has been an outstanding nail studio in the heart of downton Woodstock for over 20 years. Owner Marlene Iossa moved to the area back in 1989 from New Jersey. She was the first person to establish a successful business in the historic downtown area. So, back in 2009 she had a website created to help promote her business. It did its job for many years, but after the advancement of smart phones and mobile devices, her website was no longer responsive to potential customers. People who visited the site on their cell phone or tablet struggled to view and interact with it, plus the overall design was out of date and not so appealing, so Marlene decided to get with us here at Major Web Productions to redesign her site.

Old Site


Our Vision

The Main Street Nail Studio is a beautiful place, rich in color, wood and textures. We felt that the overwhelming sense of home was a huge part of the nail studio and wanted to convey that in the new site design. Marlene wants all of her clients to feel relaxed and at home everytime they walk in the door. Her motto after all is “Relax…Life is Beautiful”. We took new pictures of the entire studio to feature on the homepage, created a new layout design , and integrated mobile-friendly functioning into the new website redesign.

Here is the initial design mockup concept.

MSNS Design-type-2 copy

Bringing in a new style + new technology

So we took the existing design and brought it up to date, but then we had to consider its mobile and tablet capabilities. Making sure that each visitor could easily navigate the menu, pages and content in the best way possible. By using WordPress and Bootstrap we created a custom designed mobile-friendly theme that would be the best solution for this website redesign. Including the new photos as a main feature, we redesigned a whole new landing page that really shows how beautiful this place is.

Here is the final product

Following Through

So Main Street Nail Studio now has a newly updated and custom designed responsive website, and Marlene couldn’t be any happier. We followed through with updating all of the sites SEO practices, data structuring and link building by establishing new focus keywords, meta descriptions and titles for all the new pages. Also, beginning the process of building the studios social network with an updated Facebook page and Google plus profile. Us here at Major Web Productions will continue to develop and grow this new site along with MSNS over the next few months for best results. Stay tuned for more on this website redesign project.

To see the site in action for yourself go to

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