Lawyer Website Redesign

June 28, 2016

A few months ago the people at Nicholson Law Firm needed help in reinventing their lawyer website and online presence. With a recent change in their branding , they need help giving the company a new look. This is where we came in.

Putting together a new look

Nicholson Law Firm is a great law office located in Marietta that specializes in Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation. Our goal was to help them update their look and make their site more mobile friendly. First, we had to discover a new look.


^ That’s there old site, which isn’t too bad honestly, (trust us, we’ve seen worse).

Web Design that’s smart

We noticed a few things that could use improvements right away. Like a contact form on the home page or a widescreen layout that would help the site be more visually appealing.

We also wanted to re-code the site into a new mobile friendly platform, aka Bootstrap (we love Bootstrap!). By applying bootstrap scaffolding and various wonderful tools, we were able to achieve a nice wide screen look that looks great on a desktop and a mobile device.

Some other things we did to help recreate their lawyer website was organizing the content and links. They have a lot of useful information, but it was difficult to navigate and find what you were looking for. So we cleaned it up, deleted some old links, and put things into searchable categories.

Once we put all that together , we ended up with a great new website!


In conclusion

The people at Nicholson LOVE the new site. They are super pleased with the new modern style and efficiency it will bring to all their clients and potential clients who will use the lawyer website for information. We are so happy to have them as clients. Thanks!