Daycare Website Redesign for Kids Haven

July 8, 2015

Bringing a new look and feel to a heavenly daycare

Kids Haven Learning Center has been an established daycare and preschool in the Acworth, Georgia area for over 14 years. Their Owner, Phillipe, reached out to us in hope of updating their already existing website into a new design that’s also compatible with cell phones and tablets.

We were happy to tell her that we could create a new design and take care of all their needs.

Looking back at the old site

Below is the site they were currently using at the time.


It had a lot of flair and was getting the job done, but it was outdated and not mobile friendly. Having a mobile friendly or “responsive” website is a VERY important factor in todays’ web design as it can impact your user’s experience and likeliness they will convert or respond to your website.

Our Solution

Build a Custom WordPress Site.

By creating a new and responsive design in WordPress , we knew we would be able to find solutions to all their problems.

New functions we implemented:

  • Event Calendar: There is always something going on at Kids Haven , so the owners wanted a way to display all of their different events they have scheduled each month. We setup, installed and customized an event management plugin so that any teacher could easily add single or multiple events onto a calendar. Having event with scheduled times and details at-a-glance has made it easy for all the parents to see what is going at the school and what to plan for the month ahead.
  • Classroom Photo Gallery: Letting potential or future students and parents see the inside of Kids Haven was a must have for the new design. So, we took high quality pictures of the entire facility and created a online walk-through gallery for users to tour each classroom and learn about their Teachers.

  • Online Payments: We wanted to make it easy for all of the parents of students enrolled at Kids Haven to easily pay their childs tuition online ; both through their computers at home or away on their cell phones. By implementing this new functionality, we also made it easier for the staff at Kids Haven to record and manage of all incoming payments.

The Results and following through


A Great Daycare Website Redesign

After the design and development was complete, we then focused on the SEO side of things. We began to implement several different (and proven) strategies to gain page rank and bring more visitors to the new site. In addition to we also created a new Facebook page, Twitter account and Google plus profiles to boost marketing for Kids Haven’s new image.

All in all we had a great time working with everyone at Kids Haven, and we’re proud to say it was a great success and a wonderful new addition to our portfolio.

See the full site yourself here !

Thanks for reading!