Windows 10 is Coming!

February 24, 2015

If you love Windows, this is a 10.

If you’re like us and are big fans of Windows OS, you will be a big fan of this new release coming next spring. They’ve added new things, left out some things we didn’t like from 8, and made things more efficient then ever.3- We’ve done some research and so far this is what we’ve found.

windows 10 - homescreen

So what happened to Windows 9?

Good question, we asked the same thing. Well, from what we’ve gathered; when third party software developers first began programming with Windows 95′ and 98′, they used a line of code that would read ‘ if(version.StartsWith (‘windows 9″)) else’. Meaning there is old software and browsers (that people are still using) that would incorrectly attempt to run operations based on Windows 95′ or 98′ settings instead of Windows 9. So I guess Windows saw that best option would be just to skip 9, to avoid any complications. Makes sense.


What’s the difference between 8 and 10?

Well, for one its more efficient and fluid. It combines a great combination of Windows 7 and 8 together.

Here’s a few features to mention:

The Start Menu is back!: Instead of always being taken to the separate live tile Windows page, the start menu comes up on the active desktop. You can adjust it to also show a larger window with SOME live tiles of your choice to make navigation easier.
New Task View: For those like us who go back and forth through different tasks, Windows 10 has a new interface for switching in and out of tasks that’s easier then 8. You can view all your active windows in an accordion view.
Voice Prompt control: Much like “Siri” Windows 10 now has “Cortana”. She is your virtual assistant who can help run tasks on your PC, Tablet, All-In-One, or Phone. Easily set alarms, search the web, and write emails without even touching the keyboard!

Window Snap Assist: Need to work on multiple windows at once? That’s easy with new Snap Assist. You can take several different windows, lets say Chrome, Excel and Word, and drag, snap, and adjust them into different sizes depending on what your working on, and interact with them all at once. (Like split screen now but with Muti-Window )
Even more features for devices: Current Surface or All-in-one users will love all of the additional things in store for your windows update too that are touch based.

Sounds awesome, anything else?

Its Free! (Well not for everybody). If you already have Windows 8.1 installed, then you qualify for a free (1 year) upgrade. As for Windows 7 or older, no pricing has yet been released. Hopefully, it should be out no later then June of next year!

For more on Windows 10 check out this article .

Thanks For Reading!
– Danielle Major