5 Reasons it’s great to be a Web Designer

May 24, 2016

Thinking about being a web designer? Know a web designer who loves their job? (duh). Below are the reasons I believe this to be one of the best jobs in the world. Read this blog, it may just convince you to join an amazing career.

reasons-to-be-a-webdesigner ^ That’s my “office”

1) It’s Insanely Rewarding

I tell people and clients all the time just how rewarding this job is. I create these virtual storefronts for people just like you and me who have dreams and goals they want to accomplish in life. By using my skills and knowledge I am able to make their dreams come true. What’s not rewarding about that?! Something that was just an idea is now a reality for all of my clients. They are able to achieve success and share success with their family and employees because they have a website that provides steady revenue and visibility for their business. Being a web designer is like being a catalyst for economic growth.

2) You can be creative

A lot of the reasons more and more people start hating their 9 to 5 job is because it’s stifling their creativity. Doing repetitive tasks everyday, going to the same meetings, listening to 3 different bosses telling you 3 different times when you’ve made an error. Those things are demotivating and don’t allow any room for creativity. Yet, for me, I’m allowed to be as creative as I want in many different avenues. Whether its a logo design or a business card, I can mess around with all different types of layouts, colors and styles. I listen to what my clients envision and go from there. I get to stay on top of new design trends and implement them into my everyday work life. Designing an entire website that goes online and people see and interact with everyday is so rewarding. I can say ” I made that and people love it!”. It’s such a boost to my self esteem and creativity.

3) You can work from anywhere, anytime

That sentence alone is gold. Because I outline all my projects and set my own due dates and goals, I can work anywhere, anytime as long as I get my work done in time. I always estimate how long each project will take, how many hours it will be and leave myself enough room for unexpected issues so I never miss a due date. My clients always tell me how much they appreciate how things get done on time and makes the process a lot more stress free for them. Another plus to this is working from anywhere. Literally I mean anywhere. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, your business goes with you wherever you are. I can work from home, at a Starbucks, at a beach in Florida, on the moon even (if I can get a wireless signal there). You can travel freely without having to stress about being somewhere on time, like a “normal job”. It also doesn’t hurt that I can set my own hours. If I feel like sleeping in, I will. If I want to work until 3am, I will. It’s one of the best perks of being a web designer, period.

4) You don’t have to get a degree

I don’t have one. I was taught by my amazing and incredibly talented Husband whose been programming over 12 years (So yea, I’m really lucky). But I also taught myself, a lot. I pretty much conquered WordPress on my own. There are TONS of videos, websites and more available online that will show you how to do anything. Sites like stackoverflow , W3schools , learn.wordpress , Youtube, and have walkthroughs and forums on how to do everything from simple HTML/CSS terms to building a WordPress site from start to finish. Google is also your new best friend being a web designer. If you can’t figure something out, GOOGLE IT. Your bound to find the answer somewhere online and learn from it. Also, if you know a web designer, talk to them, they may be able to sit down and give you a few lessons or check out any of those sites I mentioned. Just whatever you do, don’t create a WIX or Square-space account, drag stuff around and then call yourself a web designer. That’s not how it works.

5) It’s an industry that’s really growing

If you haven’t noticed, websites a are a big deal.
web-design-meme-1 They’re everywhere. Companies all over the world pay millions of dollars a year to stay on top of web design trends, especially mobile design. There are opportunities galore out there. So, if you take a few years to learn and apply yourself you can take part of these opportunities too. Look in the newspaper or online job listings, I guarantee you will find tons of “Junior Developer” positions that start at at least $55,000 a year with benefits. Most of these business offering these career opportunities understand the industry and are flexible in working from home, setting your own hours, or at least provide a fun and carefree environment that doesn’t stifle creativity. The on the job training you’ll get from learning on your own and from your coworkers will teach you skills beyond what you could possibly imagine and make you an even better web designer and programmer.

In conclusion, I love my job. I love the freedom it gives me to work the way I was meant to. I am a very creative and nomadic person, I try be very open to new ideas and try a lot of different things in life. Before I did this, I always struggled with “normal jobs”. I never really fit into the right place that I felt really used my talents. As a owner of a web design company I can use all of my talents: in sales, communication, art, design, organization, planning, programming and logic. I’m thankful everyday I wake up and know I have this amazing opportunity to help anyone plant the seeds of their business dreams and help them grow their business to what they’ve imagined their whole life. It’s the best feeling any career can offer you.

So, with that said, will you think about being a web designer? Feel free to reach out to us for any questions or help!

By: Danielle Major
May 24th, 2016