The Top 5 Reasons Having a Mobile Friendly Website is Important

July 20, 2015

It’s obvious now in 2015 that smart phones are used almost everywhere, (there are more then 3 billion smart phones used world wide). As times have changed, users have changed
their internet preferences. We’ve stopped searching as much on our PCs as we do on our phones. Some companies , like Yelp, report that over 55% of their site visitors are on mobile
devices like cell phones and tablets. With statistics like that, I think its safe to say its imperative to have a mobile friendly website for any and all business that are wanting to succeed
in today’s economy.


Our Reasons


Google recently put in place in April of this year, and new update that will prioritize companies that have mobile-friendly websites when people use the search engine on their
smartphones or tablet computers. If you do not have a mobile-friendly site YOU WILL NOT APPEAR! We ourselves have already seen the dramatic influence of this update on
websites we’ve worked on in the past. It’s almost like if you don’t have a mobile friendly site, you don’t exist to people searching on mobile devices. That’s pretty scary.

2)Give better User Experience: How many times have you gotten a link from a friend or were browsing the internet and landed on a old website? How many times did you have to
stretch, pan, zoom, double click on the site to figure out how to interact with it? I’m pretty sure you got frustrated and closed out the page, right. Now, imagine if that was your
business, and your website that a potential customer closed out on because it was too frustrating just to browse your products or read your about page? That’s all easily avoidable
by making your current site mobile-friendly. Customers can spend more time and enjoy browsing your site on their mobile devices and hopefully make a purchase or convert into a


3)Advantage over your competition: It’s always good to have a step up over your competition, but even more so if your business’ industry is something that relies on
travel, or customers who are on the go. So by having a mobile friendly site and being easily reachable to customers in need, you may have a step up against a competitor who hasn’t
yet modified their website to be mobile friendly. Plus, they won’t even be in the running for the coveted Google Search first page, (but you will!).

4)First Impressions: Let’s face it, most consumers today are all visually impulsive and know what they want. The bar for web design has been raised significantly over the past 2 years.
Designs that were widely accepted back in 2011-12 are now completely outdated. Impressive designs like those you may see on , and Teletech , have indulging wide and full screen designs that appeal to the younger generation and pull them in to engage. If you want people to refer your business, you’re going to want to impress them, and that includes having a responsive design on both full screen pcs and mobile devices.

4)It Just makes sense: Along with the fact that it’s cost-effective and helps increase traffic and sales, it just makes sense to have a mobile-friendly site. If you’re serious about your business and are making the investment the further your success with a website, make sure its a mobile-friendly one. Your business could be losing up to 40% of your customer base by turning them away on their phones.

Do the right thing. Stay responsive.