3 Reasons Now is the Time to Redesign your Website

December 27, 2017

Is your Website up to date?

Like everything, a website also ages, looks outdated and becomes irrelevant. On average a website should be updated every one to 2 years. However, a timeline schedule alone is not enough to justify a redesign. There are other instances such as wanting your website to better reflect your brand image, or perhaps you need your information to be up to date.

Here are just a few instances when a redesign should be considered:

1. Improve SEO
The aim of search engine optimization (SEO), is to have search engines like Google and Bing not only find your website but to also rank the page according to its relevance. The more relevant your are in your industry, the more Google will see your site as a resource. The process is not a one-off exercise but one that requires constant maintenance, fine-tuning,and constant monitoring.

A basic implementation of SEO is to ensure your website encompasses the following:

  • Create page titles – Titles that are keyword based will establish the theme and direction of your website and other keywords in the content.
  • Create meta tags – These are snippets of text that give you an idea of the page’s content. Meta tags describe the content and help tell search engines what a web page is all about.
  • Place search phrases on pages strategically – Again this will help tell search engines what your site content is about and rank it according to relevance.
  • Develop sitemaps for search engines –Sitemaps tells search engines about the layout of your website. It helps the search bots find the relevant information.

  • 2.Update page design
    When customers see an out of date website, they will do a quick mental calculation. They will think that your website might be out of touch, perhaps your business is as well. To keep your business innovative and trendy, it is essential that your website reflects this too. Be sure your website has the latest marketing trends, for example, a chatbot to help with customer service, or something as simple as a blog to help inform the customer about the latest trends in your industry.
    Consider adding an e-commerce portal to your website, should you industry or product range allow that. Online purchases are steadily increasing all over the world, thanks to the ease of logistics and online payment options. Online shopping will be sure to help increase your sales website traffic.

    3.Ensure that you are mobile friendly
    There is a statistic that states there are more mobile devices than people in the world today. If your website is not smartphone and mobile device friendly, you are losing an exponentially large and growing market. Over the last few years, mobile usage has grown by 400% and people spend most of their day on their phones. 60% of mobile users said they will immediately leave a site if it is not mobile friendly or difficult to navigate on a smartphone. That is a huge number if you consider about 67% of users make online purchases on their mobile devices.
    Ensuring that you have an up to date website that is easy to navigate, mobile friendly and is ranked high by the search engines, will put your business way ahead of your competitors. Get with us at Major Web Pros today and we can create a custom plan for your sites’ redesign.

    Thanks for reading!